Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Margaret Barker

Following the suggestion of various books to read by Mark, I have just started reading Margaret Barker's Temple Mysticism: An Introduction.  In short, I'm hooked, snared, engrossed, fascinated.  From my reading thus far Dr. Barker is on her way to joining the other scholarly writers I enjoy reading therefore joining ranks with the likes of the late Frances Yates, G.R.S. Mead, among others who I allow to enrich my mind; to enlighten my mind; in equal quota, value and worth to that of entertaining my mind.

Proof that I am open to ideas and thoughts, and that I do respect the opinions of others as to reading matter.  The same is true of music (currently listening to The Tallis Scholars' newest CD of Josquin's Masses both fitting to the mood, the reading matter, as well as being exquisite music) at times, but less so the visual arts, I am admittedly stubborn and set in my ways there there, less moving and flinching...  All the better when that sharing and recommendation is attuned, be that intellectually or just in terms of indulgent escapism into fiction, popular history, poetry, or otherwise, it feels like someone is sharing part of their world, and a common empathy/mindset/ideology, yet showing their understanding of you, and imparting a small gift.  For which I am most grateful.

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