Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Allegro

Haste thee nymph, and bring with thee,Jest and youthful Jollity,
Quips and Cranks, and wanton Wiles,
Nods, and Becks, and Wreathed Smiles,
Hung as such on Hebe's cheek,
And love to live in dimple sleek

Today, my SAD feels rather more pronounced.  Yesterday felt like a return to summer and I enjoyed a reasonably long walk back home, covering nearly 7 miles on foot, though at times I did mutter to myself that I wish I had my bicycle with me as I would probably have got home in a third of the time.  But, no matter, I walked along, looking at people, timing my journey by the maps that claim that such and such is five or fifteen minutes away.  Most of what I saw wasn't entirely inspiring to be honest, yet I can proudly say that I managed to cross a bridge across the river which I didn't enjoy much but I was damned if I was going to take a bus ride for three stops and then carry on à pied to my final destination.  If I was to get a bus, well I would take one that took me home.  However, I was steely in my determination as I strode southwards and eventually made it after just over two hours.  Along the way I picked a beautiful red rose from a rose bush, a deep yet bright colour.  And later on, I picked a similarly beautiful white rose.  Neither of them were scented (it only seems those coloured with insipid pastel colours are imbued with a scent) but they do and did look lovely.  Upon my return I relaxed, attempted to read, and ended up falling asleep for about an hour on the sofa.  A combination of the toll of only four hours the night before and the long walk home.

The title today is taken from the poem by Milton, a pretty ode to the goddess Mirth, and later set to music by Handel.  The Allegro of the title refers to a happy man, obviously from the Italian word for "happy" as an adjective rather than as a noun.  Nonetheless I have chosen this to reflect some of the bittersweet irony I feel, not least given the weather yesterday; the shortest day of the year yet at the same time the brightest one it feels we have experienced in some given time this summer.  The weather this year is truly nonsensical, and it feels like after a relatively glorious spring (which seems so, so long ago) that summer has been bypassed.  Friends are suffering from colds (in June!), the weather is so changeable, and the sky is dull, and weather dull and muggy for the most part.  The quote above is an attempt to tempt Fate, and to let the sun burst through the clouds once again, and at least me feel some hint of being an allegro once more.

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