Friday, 16 March 2012


Once again, another introduction to another "blog".  This one however shall be different from my other "blog" Echoes from the Gnosis which is more a collected plethora of writings on various subjects that have have allowed to invade my head from time to time over this life thus far, and whilst both blogs will probably betray my sense of needing some sort of inner self indulgence to share my ideas, opinions, thoughts and views; this one will be of a more personal nature to the other.  "Echoes" was more about sharing my interests and writing them from a more objective angle; here the hope is to be more subjective, more personal, perhaps even more intimate, but mostly a glimpse into my world once more but from with a different outlook and outset.  Yes there will be things that will inspire me but I doubt I will be as "scholarly" in my approach to my subjects as I am elsewhere.  There will probably be some sense of crossover however as this is just in its formative grassroots stages, who knows where it will go.

For those unaware, the title of this blog is derived from one of the lost books of Simon Magus, dubbed the "first heretic", and worse besides, from the second century onwards.  A fascinating, charismatic individual but nonetheless an outsider, and due to his ideas being unorthodox, and which were mostly to be dismissed and refuted, Simon has been chastised and condemned for eternity. 

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