Friday, 16 March 2012


This week, I have spent some time in Oxford, doing research, seeing people, and as result feeling a sense of considerable inspiration.  I always feel a sense of enlightenment whenever I go to either Oxford or Cambridge, admittedly Oxford is easier to get into than Cambridge if one arrives by train.  Both towns require one a brief walk of some short distance before one happens upon the town centre itself, although with Oxford the distance betwixt station and centre is compatively shorter.  No sooner is one across the bridge when one is greeted by the bookshops, pretty streets, attractive students, and buildings such as the University, the Bodlean Library as well as well as a wonderful sense of awe, inspiration, history and of learning.  Much though I love Cambridge, everything seems so scattered in comparison to Oxford's neater, snugger fit.

In brief, I had a wonderful time, and came out feeling refreshed and enthused.  Time was spent whilst there in the (seperate) company of two splendid individuals who have re-vitalised my soul and re-ignited the spark of gnosis that lurks deep therein, sometimes seemingly stagnating for all too much of the time.  Some of my time was spent in the company of an Egyptologist where we waxed lyrical, argued, agreed and disagreed on various, nay, numerous things Amarna and 18th dynasty in New Kingdom Egypt (circa 14th century BC).  Though the discourse covered a mere two decades or so of a shadowy period of history awash with theories and unanswered questions in Ancient Egypt, our conversation was enthusiastic, our discussions at times heated, differing theories abound, as well as new ideas and thoughts considered.  Some of the these themes we conversed on I have discussed in my other blog.

The rest of my time, when not looking at bookshops and sitting on the platform of Oxford station awaiting a delayed train (Great Western Trains had forgotten to provide a driver for an earlier train on the platform allowing for all sorts of confusion and pandemonium to ensue), I crossed paths with and  spent time in the company of a Mediaevalist.  Another fabulous time was had, if not better than the one described before.  On so many levels.  Inspiring, entertaining and fun.  Again, on numerous levels.  Whereby my previous conversations had focussed upon just one theme; my time here was spent sharing and discussing so many different things, and one thing lead to another to another and so on and so forth.

This brief séjour to Oxford has lifted my spirit to that of the aeons, and back down to the world of matter once again.  So so good to get away to get away from a crowded metropolis; even the (hectic) journey in and seeing the green of the countryside made my mind wander, but sharing the time with sharing my time with likeminded, stimulating individuals makes me realise who I am, what I am, the meaning of inspiration, and on a slightly sad note - to an extent, what I am missing out on.  However, for that time, I have been once again allowed me to feel truly alive again.  Since leaving, my friends have noticed a change within me.  Not along the lines of when O returns to Paris after her visit to the chateau at Roissy, but I feel suitably enlightened nonetheless.

In short: Wondrous !!  I hope to enjoy it all again and more, and soon.

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